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The Israeli Immigration Policy Center (Eitan – Israeli Immigration Policy) is a non-governmental organization established in 2012 in order to promote immigration policy which serves the strategic interests of the State of Israel as a Jewish, democratic state. The Center promotes research, legislation and lobbying, legal activity and public diplomacy both within Israel and abroad, in matters related to immigration and illegal entry into Israel. The Center acts as well as an information, aid and advisory center for residents of those neighborhoods who have been negatively affected by illegal migration into Israel, with particular emphasis on South Tel Aviv.

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Report: 60% of new immigrants to Israel are not Jewish

Thinktank warns that immigration is now cutting into the Jewish majority in Israel, but adds reforms could reverse this trend.

Against the Law of Return: Gov to to bring 3,000 non-Jewish Ethiopians to Israel – High Court approves

The Israeli Immigration Policy Center has petitioned the Supreme Court against Government Decision No. 713 to deport 3,000 non-Jews from Ethiopia, following previous decisions given by past governments. Court implied that the petition will be over ruled